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Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Worth £300,000; Gwyneth Palrow Tries "Ending the Mommy Wars"

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Worth £300,000: The Duchess of Cambridge may have borrowed some of the Queen’s precious jewels for her recent tour Down Under, but that doesn’t mean her own collection isn't just as precious. A recent appraisal of Middleton’s engagement ring, which originally belonged to Princess Diana, valued it at £300,000—ten times its 1981 purchase price of £28,000. The 12-carat sapphire ring encircled by 14 diamonds out values even the Queen’s engagement ring, which is worth around £100,000. These figures pale in comparison, however, to Beyonce’s £5.8 million rock. [Vogue]

Gwyneth Paltrow Tries “Ending the Mommy Wars”: In response to an interview with E! News in which the Goop creator said that being on a film set was much harder than a typical 9-5 job, Gwyneth Paltrow is looking to clear things up. Claiming her words were taken out of context, the actress says she is “constantly perplexed and amazed by how little slack we cut each other as women.” Her original statement caused an uproar from working mothers who argued Paltrow was out of touch and elitist. [Daily Mail]

John Rocha Departs London Fashion Week: After 29 successful years showcasing his designs at London Fashion Week, the Ireland-based designer has decided to leave the British runways behind in pursuit of other challenges. “It has been an amazing journey for me, one for which I am truly grateful, grateful for the opportunity to present my vision and follow my dreams,” the 58-year-old designer said. “But now it is time for me to explore new challenges.” [Telegraph]