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Kate Middleton's Facialist Speaks!

Deborah Mitchell in NYC today

Kate Middleton’s favorite beautician, Deborah Mitchell, is in New York today, launching her ‘Black Label Bee Venom Mask’ at fancypants uptown apothecary Clyde's on Madison Avenue.

The mask – made by using venom extracted from bee stings (no bees are harmed in the process, Mitchell asserts) - was made famous when it emerged before the Royal Wedding that Kate was treating her skin with the $350-a-pot mask, on the recommendation of her step mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles, who had been a Mitchell fan for many years.

It is sold under Mitchell’s beauty product brand name, Heaven Skincare.

Like all those who work with and around the royals, Mitchell seems permanently tortured by what she can and can’t say when the subject of her most famous customer comes up in a chat with the Royalist.

“You have to be careful, obviously. But I have been lucky that the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) openly said about loving Heaven prods, and the palace confirmed that she does have the treatment.

“And of course, women do talk about these things, and the before the wedding of her daughter-in-law, Catherine Middleton as she was then, got a bee venom facial and obviously that was amazing for us.

“It’s particularly satisfying for me because you have got women of two very different ages who both look amazing, and are both using natural organic products.”

Mitchell says that on her first visit to the palace to give Kate a facial she was slightly tongue-tied when she met the young royal.

“The first time I met Kate I just said, ‘Hi!’ and I shouldn’t have done. She didn’t mind at all, though.”Deborah Mitchell will be at Clyde’s (926 Madison) from 2:30pm today.Heaven skincare’s Black Label Bee Venom Bee mask is $343 for 50 ml at Clyde’s.