Kate To Move Back In With Mom

The Royalist has previously reported on the fact that Kate has told our sources she is not going to have a nanny - making her the first royal mother in history to be without child-minding help - but now she is saying that she will also do without a maternity nurse and will move back in with her MOM for at least six weeks after the new heir to the throne is born.

This means that the third-in-line to the throne will be starting life in the home of a commoner - albeit the $8m home of a commoner - unless the powers that be can arrange for Michael and Carole Middleton, Kate's parents, to be swiftly ennobled.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Kate says she ‘just feels safest and most secure’ with her family and believes that no one could be better placed to teach her about bringing up a baby than her mother, who has three children of her own.

Also contributing to Kate's decision to stay at her mom's is the discovery of asbestos in Kate and William's new home, apartment 1A of Kensington Palace, which needs to be professionally removed before they can move in.

"Carole fully intends to be part of this baby’s life and Catherine, for her part, plans to spend a lot of time with her parents, especially while she is waiting for the new apartment to be completed," a source told the Mail.