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Kate's Bushy Eyebrows All The Rage

Eyebrow trend latest 'Kate effect'

Forget depilation - seems the Kate effect now extends to eyebrow enlargement.

For a Harley Street clinic in the UK is reporting a surge int he numbers of women looking to have their eyebrows made more prominent using eyebrow transplants, in which hair from behind the ear is re-seeded above the patients eyes.

Dr Raghu Reddy, of The Private Clinic on Harley Street, tells the Daily Mail 'We have witnessed interest in the eyebrow transplant procedure grow since around the time of the Royal Wedding and it has steadily risen.

'Now we have a healthy stream of women who come into the clinic and undergo the treatment. There is also greater awareness now of the procedure and the results it can achieve.

'While I do have patients who come to me who have over-plucked their brows, I also have women who come in with perfectly normal eyebrows, who are looking for a thicker, fuller brow to rival the likes of Kate Middleton.'