Kellyanne Conway Blasts ‘Haters’ After ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Flub

Top White House aide Kellyanne Conway admitted she misspoke about the non-existent “Bowling Green massacre,” saying in an interview set to air later Sunday on Fox News that “haters” piled on after the mistake. “They’re masterminds, I had said that before,” Conway said on Fox’s “Media Buzz.” “I should have said plot or I should have just called them terrorists. ... I clarified immediately. I should have said terrorists and not massacre.” During an appearance earlier in the week on MSNBC, Conway referred to the “Bowling Green massacre” which “didn’t get covered” by the media. There was no terror attack in Kentucky. The incident in question involved two Iraqi nationals who were convicted of attempting to get money and arms to al Qaeda in Iraq. “I misspoke one word. The corrections in the newspapers that are attacking me are three paragraphs long every day,” Conway added.