Kerry Makes Hot Mic Remarks on Israel

Secretary of State John Kerry was caught in a hot mic moment on one the most controversial foreign affairs issues, and Fox News host Chris Wallace had no problem confronting him about it. On air, Wallace showed a clip of Kerry, forgetting he was being filmed, speaking on a cellphone to an adviser. He said of Israel's operations in Gaza, "It's a hell of a pinpoint operation.” He repeats “Hell of a pinpoint operation,” which appears to be a sarcastic reference to Israel's claim that the incursion would be limited. He also is caught saying “We've got to get over there. I think we ought to go tonight” and that it's “crazy” to be “sitting around.” When pressed by Wallace about the clip, Kerry said "I reacted, obviously, in a way that anybody does in respect to young children and civilians." Kerry is appearing on all five major Sunday news shows.