Kesha’s Case Against Sony Thrown Out

Kesha’s case to free herself from a contract with Sony Music ended Wednesday when a New York state judge sided entirely with the record company. After the singer was denied an emergency order to get out of her Sony deal, on grounds that mega-producer Dr. Luke allegedly raped her, the company moved to have the entire case dismissed. According to TMZ, a judge said that, despite the pop star’s claims, she is not a “slave” to Sony because the company never pushed her to work exclusively with Dr. Luke. Several days ago, it was reported that Sony offered Kesha a way out of her contract if she would publicly rescind her rape accusations against Dr. Luke; by rejecting the offer, the judge said Wednesday, the singer had acted unreasonably. In addition, the court rejected Kesha’s claim that she was the victim of a “hate crime,” noting, “Although [Luke’s] alleged actions were directed to Kesha, who is female, [her claims] do no allege that [Luke] harbored animus toward women or was motivated by gender animus when he allegedly behaved violently toward Kesha.”