Guy Ritchie

Mama Don’t Preach

Madonna has been forced to accede to her son Rocco’s wish to remain in London with his father, Guy Ritchie. What next for mother and son?

Unapologetic Bitch

As Madonna’s stage antics make headlines, the media is insinuating that she’s having a public breakdown over a custody battle. The innuendo isn’t just baseless. It’s misogynistic.

The director of Sherlock Holmes talks to The Daily Beast’s Jacob Bernstein about his years with Madonna, why his children won’t see his movies, and the art of selling out.

Critics may be ambivalent about Guy Ritchie's new action-packed Sherlock Holmes—which opens Friday—but most agree that Robert Downey, Jr. is in "fine form". It seems the actor's ride at the top floors on—and with Iron Man 2 slated for next May, will only continue.

When Madonna married Ritchie, she bought into the British package of posh country weekends and edgy London nightlife. Then Ritchie lost his edge.