Halle Berry


‘Black Panther’ has proved to be a cultural phenomenon—thanks in large part to its strong black women. So why can’t Marvel give perhaps its most popular black superheroine her due?


The new thriller ‘Kidnap’ sees the Oscar-winning actress do everything in her power to find her abducted child. It’s a fun ride—but no career-changer.


In the wake of her divorce from actor Olivier Martinez, two of Berry’s former flames have emerged from obscurity to accuse her of being a callous ex. They are pathetic.

The Final Frontier

The CBS space drama inspired by classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Rosemary’s Baby can only thrive if Halle Berry does. And ‘Extant,’ so far, is one giant leap for her.

Summer Fun

Malibu has been a popular playground to the stars for over 80 years. From Liz Taylor to David Beckham, see stars soaking up some sun on the famous beachfront.