Laurence Olivier

Over 30 years after his death, Alfred Hitchcock can still make news. A new film--titled simply 'Hitchcock'--opens this week, starring Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins as the legendary director. Watch the trailer.

The True Story

In My Week With Marilyn, out Nov. 23, Marilyn Monroe is portrayed as a shy, pill-popping star who’s bullied by her husband, Arthur Miller, and director, Laurence Olivier, during filming of The Prince and the Showgirl. She then spends a romantic week with Colin Clark, a young assistant on the film. Actress Vera Day, who costarred with Monroe in Prince, now reveals what really happened—from the pill rumors to the one-line scene that required 30 takes.

A bizarre murder probe involving a yanked molar and a corpse has gripped the Pacific Northwest. Winston Ross on the scariest dentist story since Marathon Man.

Legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham died yesterday at the age of 90. VIEW OUR GALLERY of his most important works, collaborators, and famous fans.