Kid Wears Fake Breasts on Pageant Show

Fans of the kid pageant show Toddlers & Tiaras are furious after a 4-year-old contestant dressed up as Dolly Parton, complete with fake breasts and buttocks. In the episode, pageant mom Lindsay Jackson dressed her daughter, Maddy, in the outfit; Maddy then went on stage and danced like Parton. During the show, Jackson said, “Everyone thinks it’s hysterical. All of a sudden, they realize that not only is she Dolly, but she has the enhancements just like Dolly.” After the episode aired, many viewers took to the show’s Facebook page to complain. One commenter wrote, “She’s a beautiful child but the boobs and buttcheeks [were] not appropriate,” while another compared the episode to child pornography. In an appearance on the Today show, Jackson defended the choice, saying, “To some people, it’s over-the-top. To us, it’s just what happens. It’s normal.”