Kim and Kanye's Irish Honeymoon Details Revealed!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spent their honeymoon in Ballyfin house, one of Ireland's most stunning and exclusive stately homes.

The neo-classical stone mansion, tucked into the lush Irish countryside was originally built in the 1820s as the home of Sir Charles Coote. It subsequently became a school, and in 2001 was acquired—in a rundown state—by the American businessman Fred Krehbiel, who has painstakingly restored it.

Rates start at $2000 a night.

The fact that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were honeymooning in Ireland had been rumored, however it was only confirmed this morning when a reporter from Brides magazine posted on a blog about how they had encountered Kimye while reviewing Ballyfin for the British magazine.

Writer Emma Byrne said the couple spent their time, “quietly chatting, looking like any other young couple in love” and said that for their four-night stay at the 15-room venue, each had taken a personal assistant while Kanye also had a bodyguard.

Byrne wrote: “What surprised us the most was how normal they appeared—Kim had ditched the high heels and skintight dresses for jeans, flats and no make-up (but still looked gorgeous) while Kanye appeared to live in his black jeans. And cue the cute factor: nearly every time we caught sight of them they were hand-in-hand as they wandered around the hotel.”

The couple didn't join the other guests for pre-dinner cocktails in the library, although they did head down to the dining room for lunch several times.

The couple were spotted walking around the city of Kilkenny yesterday.