Kim Jong Un Arrives in Russia, Says Visit Is a ‘Dream’ Come True

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has arrived in Russia for his meeting with Vladimir Putin and immediately announced that his visit was a dream come true. Kim, dressed in a black coat and matching fedora, met Russian officials and state-owned media as he stepped out of his train at Khasan train station near Russia's border with North Korea. “I have heard a lot about your country and have long dreamt of visiting it,” Kim was quoted as saying. “It’s been seven years since I took the helm, and I’ve only just managed to visit.” He also evoked his dad's “great love for Russia” and said he's hoping for a “successful and useful” trip and wants to discuss the “settlement of the situation in the Korean Peninsula” with Putin. Kim later arrived at Vladivostok, where he'll meet the Russian president, and aides were seen hurriedly cleaning the train as it pulled into the station.