Kim Jong-un Dubbed 'Supreme Commander'

So long and thanks for all the fish. North Korea's state-run media reports that Kim Jong-il's parting gift to his people was lots and lots of fish, to be trucked into the city for the mourning period. North Korea's main newspaper showed a woman covering her mouth as she watched loads of herring being distributed at a crowded grocery store in the famine-stricken country. One week after Kim's death, his youngest son, Kim Jong-un appears to have his official moniker: "Supreme Commander.” Meanwhile, South Korean first lady Lee Hee-Ho will be permitted to cross the DMZ to attend festivities honoring the late North Korean dictator. Lee will be part of a 13-member delegation on a two-day trip to North Korea, while another five-member delegation that includes the Hyundai Group chairwoman will also travel Pyongyang—but they will not be allowed to attend Kim's official funeral on Wednesday.