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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Set a Wedding Date; Luxury Goods Prices Soar

Kimye Sets a Wedding Date: The highly-anticipated nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West officially have a date! On Saturday, May 24, the couple will wed in the City of Lights—the specific venue has yet to be revealed. "We're having a super, super small, intimate wedding," Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest in an interview. "As we go along, we're realizing we want it to be smaller and more intimate than people are imagining and thinking." [US Weekly]

Luxury Goods Prices Soar: Believe it or not, the price of a quilted Chanel bag has increased by 70 percent since 2009. And while this may be a result of changing "models, production costs, raw materials, and exchange rates," analysts suggest that raising the prices of products could be a strategy companies are using to add to the allure to their goods. Sure, a higher price may make things seem less attainable, but does that really help sales? [The Telegraph]

Carla Bruni Claims Being First Lady Hindered Her Beauty Contracts: In recently leaked phone conversations between former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni, the former first lady jokes that she had to halt her modeling contracts while he was in office. "I think I’m going to re-sign some contracts," Bruni said. "I’m not even going to wait a very long time. If I may, a cool little contract like that? You agree, they’re not going to sell the anti-wrinkle cream campaign to a 22-year-old, right?" She then cites Julianne Moore, Sharon Stone, and Julia Roberts as women she looked forward to joining in selling anti-aging cream. [The Cut]