Kim Kardashian's Not a Fan of Underwear, Shows Off Crack

Last week, Kourtney Kardashian was seen twirling in a flowing skirt sans panties, showing off her bum for all the paparrazi to see. But it seems big sister Kim Kardashian wouldn't be outdone by her sister's faux pas, as KK was spotted today wearing a black top (let's call it a glorified bra) and here's the kicker: a see-through Lanvin pencil skirt without anything underneath to cover up that million-dollar tuchis.

Grabbing dinner with boyfriend Kanye West in Miami, Kim was seen checking out her curves in the car's reflection, but did she not notice her bum was visible for all to see? Coming from a reality TV star who tweets self portraits in barely-there bikinis, we'd say it's all part of a bigger plan for Kardashian crack domination.