Kutcher Wants Uber Spying on Journalists

Ashton Kutcher has taken to Twitter to defend the Uber executive who suggested digging into the personal life of a female journalist who was critical of the company. “What is so wrong about digging up dirt on shady journalist?” he tweeted. “I believe we live in a day were the first word has become ‘the word.’ Rumors span the globe before anyone has an opportunity to defend them selves [sic],” he continued. “Everyone is guilty and then tasked to defend themselves publicly. Questioning the source needs to happen... Always! So as long as journalist are interested and willing to print half truths [sic] as facts... Yes we should question the source.” Kutcher is an investor in Uber. He then finished his Twitter rant by declaring, “This should be fun... Here comes the part where journalist explain why they should be exempt from ridicule and judgement and probing...[sic]” The Uber exec said he regretted the comments and even the CEO apologized.