Epic Feud

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton’s Wild Feud: Stalking Allegations and Smear Campaigns

The pop diva is embroiled in an epic feud with the gossip blogger, accusing him of stalking. Here’s a blow-by-blow.


Mama Monster’s claws are officially out.

On Sunday afternoon, the Twitter user @PrinceNeptune_ tweeted:

The apartment in question was pop diva Lady Gaga’s pad in New York City, and the singer immediately addressed the rumor, branding it “EXTREMELY EXTREMELY serious.” According to both Gaga and her fiercely loyal tipster, Hilton was subsequently escorted from the premises by building security.

The singer then unleashed a series of tweets (that have since been deleted), accusing the gossip blogger of stalking:

In response, Hilton issued a lengthy statement Sunday evening in a post titled, “A Statement On Lady GaGa’s Lies.” Hilton claimed he was engaging in “innocent house-hunting” and said he is “a critic,” not “a stalker.”

Gaga’s reply to Hilton’s “statement” came less than an hour later (which she also deleted):

What makes the whole episode particularly odd is that the two foes used to be friends. Hilton was one of the first bloggers to champion Lady Gaga when she began making a name for herself with the 2008 single “Just Dance,” and until about six months ago did nothing but sing her praises. But in February, Gaga canceled a handful of tour dates, citing hip surgery, and on Friday, she claimed that Hilton openly mocked her the day of her injury:

In addition to the alleged text-message harassment, Hilton has been posting more negatively about Gaga over the past few weeks. In late July, the blogger reported a not-so-nice rumor that Gaga’s stylist abruptly quit because of her “insane” wardrobe needs, and on August 14, Hilton claimed that Gaga’s pal, photographer Terry Richardson, could “lose millions after being dragged into Lady Gaga lawsuit.” The blogger also took the time to mock the short video she made with mentor Marina Abramovic and, for the past week, has been giving update after update about how Katy Perry’s new single, “Roar,” is not only outperforming Gaga’s latest tune, “Applause,” but also is “a greater song,” according to Hilton.

It’s still not clear why Hilton—if he even has a valid reason—decided to turn on his former pal, whom he once publicly worshipped and even joined on tour.