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Lady Gaga Hosts The View’s Hot Topics (Watch Video)

Gaga stopped by 'The View' today. Watch the five best moments—including her confessions to drug use.

Lou Rocco / ABC

Gaga’s ‘Green Club’ Membership

Say no to drugs kids: Barbara Walters did her best to put Lady Gaga in the hot seat, pressing intently on her past drug use. Gaga owned it, stating frankly “I used to do hard drugs,” but she said she has since quit and now never touches the stuff. Still, she’s not selling herself as squeaky clean, slipping in “sometimes I’m a member of the green club.” Despite lots of laughter, the herbal reference sailed right over Barbara’s head (but not Whoopi, who nodded furiously). Watch Gaga explain why she quit and never looked back.

Clinton Gets Gaga’s Stamp of Approval

Take that Tim Gunn! The Project Runway guru is taking some heat for saying “I think she’s confused about her gender,” in reference to Hillary Clinton’s preference for pantsuits. Gaga showed no love for that position, calling him out for “being a bully.” “I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to worry about than her hemline,” she added to thunderous applause from the audience. Looks like Gunn will have to try a bit harder to make this one work.

That Time Gaga Almost Got Arrested

Crazy getups and airports don’t mix well, and it seems Gaga has found that out the hard way. “I do have some stories about airports and things,” she said with a smile, adding that, at certain times,” I would have to change.” Watch as Gaga recounts one memorable incident where she almost got arrested for having “no clothes on.”

Gaga Cheers New York’s Gay Marriage

Gaga beamed when asked about New York’s move to allow same-sex couples to marry, a cause that’s close to her heart as one of pop’s most outspoken gay-rights supporters. Her excitement was visible and all of the hosts shared in her enthusiasm. Watch her recap, hear how she celebrated, and how she first heard the news.

Dealing With the Death of Amy Winehouse

In a more somber discussion, Gaga was demure when discussing the death of fellow superstar Amy Winehouse saying, “I’m just so devastated and so sad.” She pinned some blame on the media proclaiming, “the world needed to be kinder to the superstar.” Barbara Walters chimed in on the pressures of fame at a young age, forcing Gaga to admit “it’s a very lonely life.” Watch as she describes her shock and why she “couldn’t speak for 48 hours.”