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Lady Gaga Releases ‘Venus,’ Chris Brown Could Face Jail Time

...Chris Brown could face jail time, and Ellen plans a lesbian sitcom

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Lady Gaga releases new song, 'Venus.’ In the song, Gaga rhymes "Uranus" with the line, "Don't you know my ass is famous." Entertainment Weekly

Chris Brown's arrest in D.C. could lead to jail time in L.A. Brown could spend four years in jail if a judge determines that this felony charge was a violation of his probation. Los Angeles Times

Ellen DeGeneres is developing a lesbian-led sitcom for NBC. The series will be about a lesbian and her straight male best friend who have a baby together. The twist: the friend meets his eventual wife soon after. Vulture

Katy Perry on female pop stars: 'Everybody's getting naked.’ In an interview with NPR, Perry said, "I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now, 'cause it's such a strange world." Perry went on to say that she doesn't feel she needs to always get naked for attention. Huffington Post

Netflix snags reruns of Showtime's Dexter. For those times when you feel like being disappointed! Los Angeles Times