‘Ladys & Gents’ Shows Off Designer Looks on Little Kids: By Estee Stanley and Jenni Kayne

Ladys & Gents, the new kids’ Tumblr on the block, features adorable children in high-end fashion. Jean Trinh talks with the creators about the inspiration for the blog.

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere made personal blogging an art form, connecting her readers with the ultimate guide to stylish outfits and pointing them in the right direction to purchase the same looks. Extra Petite is another style blog with a different angle—teaching ladies how to wear flattering outfits for petite figures. Fashion-forward friends, stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley, 43, and clothing designer Jenni Kayne, 30—the creators of the Ladys & Gents Tumblr and relatively new mothers— felt the blogosphere was missing an arena for children’s fashion in the same vein as the aforementioned blogs, and wanted to fill that void.

“There’s nine million mommy blogs that show kids in cute outfits, but no one references to what they are wearing,” said Stanley in an interview with The Daily Beast. “Why would I want to just see a photo, but not be able to buy the outfit?”

In one of the photos from Ladys & Gents, a tousled-haired tyke is staring off into the distance wearing a black cable knit Gap sweater paired with white Hurley jeans with printed newspaper text, finishing off the outfit with leather Velcro boots from Pepe.

Launched in Decemeber, Ladys & Gents features photos of adorable children—either their own or from reader submissions—wearing fashionable outfits from such brands such as Bonpoint and Trico Field to Gap and J. Crew. Each photo is captioned with a description of the outfit and links to online stores to purchase the items. As 70 percent of the submissions are from regular moms, Kayne and Stanley make sure that the photos are up-to-date and the items are still purchasable.

Sharing a love for children's clothing and online shopping, the creators each have two kids that are the same age—two and four-and-a-half. While Kayne dresses her kids in more neutral colors like navy and black, and sports skinny jeans for her son, Stanley inches toward a more conservative look (i.e. Ralph Lauren flooded pants) with lots of layers and accessories.

“We also spend a lot of time on French clothing sites like Smallable and AlexandAlexa,” said Kayne.

With their blog’s growing popularity, Kayne and Stanley have been receiving a lot of positive attention from designers and are now collaborating with them.

“We’re not only showing how to style kids, but you also get to see photos of really cute kids,” said Stanley.

Some of these children dress so well that we might have to start taking notes from them.