Lance: I Didn't Dope in 2009

“I view this whole situation as one big lie,” Lance Armstrong told Oprah Winfrey in a highly anticipated interview on OWN Thursday night. Armstrong said he didn’t think it was possible to win the Tour de France without doping, and that he didn’t consider it wrong or cheating at the time. Armstrong said he was a “bully” and an “arrogant prick,” that he will “spend the rest of his life” trying to earn back America’s trust, and that suing those who accused him of doping was “inexcusable.” Armstrong also told Winfrey he didn’t use EPOs “a lot,” and that he “absolutely” did not dope during 2009 or 2010, and that he stopped using the drugs in 2005. Armstrong also said he tried to “justify” taking testosterone to himself due to his history of testicular cancer.