Lap Dance Lecturer Suspended

This must have had students squirming in their seats: Philadelphia's La Salle University professor Jack Rappaport—who taught statistics at its business school—has been suspended for allegedly hiring strippers to perform at an extra-credit seminar on "Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business." According to the Philadelphia City Paper, students paid $150 to attend the seminar. Two anonymous students were quoted as saying that three women clad in bikinis and high heels gave Rappaport and several other students a little lap treatment. However, two other students told The Inquirer on Monday that no suggestive dancing occurred. On the website, one student in 2004 described Rappaport as an "extremely strange man" who "loves gambling, horse racing, and strip joints. Talks about all of the above all the time." Rappaport has not yet been reached for comment.