George W. Bush’s Economic Adviser Says Trump Has Decision-Making Ability of an ‘Empty Chair’: Report

Larry Lindsey, former President George W. Bush’s National Economic Council director, said President Trump has the decision-making ability of an “empty chair,” Politico reports. Lindsey made the comment on Tuesday while speaking to elected House GOP leadership and top committee Republicans on the U.S.’ economic relationship with China. Lindsey reportedly said the president has no long-term plans or ability to think ahead. The former Republican White House adviser also said China views Trump as a “10-out-of-10 narcissist,” and attributed this characteristic to the president’s upbringing, saying his mother didn’t give him enough attention as a child, according to people present. Despite his choice words, Lindsey reportedly said he still supports Trump’s plan for China, adding that his lack of long-term decision-making ability and narcissism are actually assets when dealing with China. Last week, President Trump raised an import tax on Chinese goods from 10 to 25 percent. China responded by raising tariffs on American imports.