Lawsuit: Popeyes Gave Me Flesh-Eating Worms

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen over claims that the restaurant's food gave her a flesh-eating screwworm infection that ate her body "from the inside out" over two years. Karen Goode, of San Antonio, said an order of red beans and rice infected her in 2015, according to her 10-page suit. The case says the screwworms entered Goode’s digestive tract and laid eggs. Those eggs allegedly embedded into the interior lining of her small intestine before they hatched and began eating her body. Patrick Stolmeier, the woman's attorney, said it was a “pretty horrible situation.” Stolmeier said she has lost “massive amounts of blood and tissue.” He added, “She’s just hoping she can heal and get healthy.” In a statement, Popeyes said “We don’t discuss details of litigation, but we can tell you that we understand that, while investigating this matter, the franchisee has worked with outside parties who have found the claims to be unfounded and false.”