Legal Immigrant Arrested for 11-Year-Old Gun Conviction

A green card holder was detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement on an “11-year-old firearms conviction” last week, USA Today reports. Cloyd Edralin, who got his green card renewed three years ago, was stopped by ICE on his way to work on June 4th and detained on charges he already served time for. Edralin was arrested in 2007, sentenced to probation, and “paid several fines” for “unlawful possession of an airsoft pistol” while battling drug addiction after the death of his father. Edralin has since overcome his addiction, and recently started a new job before he was apprehended by immigration officials. This comes after a Polish doctor and green card holder was was detained over “26-year-old misdemeanors,” and as President Trump put a “priority” on deporting any non-citizen who has been convicted of any criminal offense earlier this year.