Leno Grills Bachmann

Of all the places a presidential candidate can expect a grilling, did anyone really expect The Tonight Show to be one of them? Jay Leno hit Michele Bachmann to clarify her positions on the HPV vaccine, the debt ceiling, gay rights, and the Afghan war. Bachmann said she wasn’t speaking as a doctor or scientist when she claimed a young girl suffered mental retardation from the HPV vaccine, and also said she believed the vaccine gives a young girl “a false sense of security that if she’s sexually active, she doesn’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases.” Leno said “I don’t get that” about Bachmann’s “pray the gay away” clinics, and when she tried to joke that she would ask him to be vice president but he wouldn’t take a pay cut, Leno responded, “Well, we’d probably have an argument over the gay thing.”