Letterman's Late-Night Affair

David Letterman was one bad breakup away from dodging an even bigger scandal. According to the New York Post, Stephanie Birkitt, the 34-year-old Late Show staffer whose reported affair with the show's host touched off the blackmail scheme, moved out last week after living for several years with alleged blackmailer and CBS producer Joe Halderman, 57, who one neighbor described as "devastated" by the breakup. According to the Post's sources, Birkitt's affair with Letterman ended in 2004 after his longtime girlfriend gave birth to their son, Harry. Before that, however, the two allegedly engaged in a longtime relationship as Birkitt moved up the ranks on the show from intern to Letterman's personal assistant to on-air personality. "Aside from being incredibly funny and personable, he is generous, kind, and is great fun to play catch with," Birkitt told her college alumni magazine in 2003.