Lewandowski: Trump’s N.H. Voter Fraud Claims Are Wrong

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, broke with the president on Monday on the issue of voter fraud. Lewandowski said that despite Trump’s claims that people were bussed into New Hampshire from Massaschusetts to illegally vote for Hillary Clinton, there is no evidence to support that claim. “I live on the border,” said Lewandowski, a native of New Hampshire. “I didn’t see buses coming across the line to say that, hey, we’ve moved up from Massachusetts.” Despite the lack of evidence to support the claim, Trump aide Stephen Miller defiantly repeated the allegation earlier this month. “Go to New Hampshire. Talk to anybody who’s worked in politics there for a long time. Everybody’s aware of the problem in New Hampshire,” Miller said. While Lewandowski did not back up Trump’s claims, he did say that there is a “potential in the future for voter fraud.”