Life Behind Bars

Why a Beer and a Shot Is the Perfect Combination

We delve into the history and the joys of pairing a pint with a spirit.

Life Behind Bars Episode 12 - The Boilermaker: Why a Beer and Shot Is the Perfect Combination


No matter if you call it a Boilermaker, a shot and a beer or a depth charge, you can find this simple yet delicious combination around the world. It’s a pairing that is often now identified with American dive bars but its roots are actually in Europe, where it was drunk as far back as the 1600s. On this episode of Life Behind Bars, we discuss the ritual and joys of drinking spirits with a pint. We’ll also talk about our personal favorite Boilermaker combinations.

Life Behind Bars features the Daily Beast’s Drink + Food editor Noah Rothbaum and its Senior Drinks Columnist David Wondrich as they discuss the greatest bartenders of all time and how they changed what the world drinks.

Edited by Alex Skjong

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