Flight Troubles

Lindsay Lohan Due in Court for Allegedly Lying to Cops Over Car Crash

The star is set to appear Monday on charges of lying to cops after rejecting a plea deal. By Anna Klassen.

David McNew/Getty

What did LiLo do this time? Oh, just tell a few lies to the police, allegedly.

And after refusing to take a plea deal for charges she falsely claimed she wasn’t the driver in a June 2012 car crash, Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to appear in court Monday to face trial. The actress had us holding her breath when she missed a flight from New York City to Los Angeles on Saturday night, and it appears she was still seeking an alternate flight back to the City of Angels late Sunday.

Although she may appear, the Mean Girls star has no intention of heading back to jail. Confident that she will be acquitted of lying to police about the crash and violating her probation, Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, and the prosecutor have reached an impasse on any sort of arrangement that would land her back behind bars. Key witnesses for the trial include Lohan associate Gavin Doyle, who was in the Porsche with her that day on the Pacific Coast Highway, and her bodyguard.

But Lohan’s past may come back to haunt her. TMZ has reported that prosecutors will seek to use Lohan’s past falsehoods against her, claiming they have evidence that June wasn’t her first fib to law enforcement. In May 2007 the actress was pulled over after her Mercedes struck a curb at 5:30 a.m. in Beverly Hills. She told police she was the passenger in the car. In March 2012, Lohan allegedly struck a pedestrian and fled after leaving a Hollywood club just after midnight. Again, she told the cops she was the passenger in the vehicle.

If heading to court wasn’t enough trouble for Lohan, the actress was zinged by Justin Bieber on Instagram last week, with the “Boyfriend” singer ending a lengthy rant with: “And for those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan just look at her 2012 tax statements ;)”

Still, it’s not all about heading to court and being undermined by teenage pop singers for the actress. Lohan has a cameo in the latest Scary Movie flick, out next month. Starring as herself, she’ll slip into bed with Charlie Sheen in a much-talked-about scene from the series’s fifth installment.