Lisa Bloom: ‘My Office Is Deluged’ With Victims Seeking Help—‘Keep It Up’

Powerful attorney Lisa Bloom claims her office is “deluged” with calls from victims of sexual harassment seeking representation, despite her tarnished reputation as a women’s advocate after having initially represented Harvey Weinstein amid a spate of sexual-misconduct allegations. “My office is deluged with sexual harassment/assault claims,” she tweeted Wednesday morning. “Victims are rising. Keep it up. So overdue, so powerful.” Bloom faced a wave of public criticism—including from her own mother, feminist lawyer Gloria Allred—for her defense of Weinstein. The Beast’s Lloyd Grove reported that Bloom had undertaken a “scorched-earth crusade” for Weinstein, before dramatically quitting; and The New York Times reported that Bloom had even contacted Weinstein’s board to suggest the release of “photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.”