Local Fox Anchor Spied for FBI

Two days after CBS News' Washington bureau chief was revealed to be a former FBI mole, The Smoking Gun reports that a local Fox television anchor also worked as a “friend to the FBI” in the 1990s, going on covert missions. According to bureau memos, a “Fox Network News Anchor” was enlisted by New York agents in 1992 to find the name of a confidential source used by journalists for A Current Affair working on a story about Jimmy Hoffa. The informant did not get the journalist from A Current Affair to reveal their source, but the mole did “learn the man resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and is dying of cancer.” While the mole’s name is blacked out, as well as the FBI agent who recommended him, The Smoking Gun suspects John Roland, a New York anchor for 25 years. When reached for comment, Roland said the incident “sure doesn’t ring a bell.”