Lochte Leads 200m Free

Human porpoise Ryan Lochte was back in the water Sunday after beating Michael Phelps to take home the United States’ first gold medal of the 2012 Games. Along with Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, Lochte was a top qualifier for the 200-meter freestyle. “I didn’t get to bed until like 2 a.m., so I’m a little tired,” Lochte said, “but it was a prelims swim, so I’m not too worried about it.” On Sunday teenage American table-tennis player Ariel Hsing reached the third round of competition, and London organizers of the Games scrambled as a government minister said an inquiry had been launched into why so many seats were vacant at events Saturday. “It’s infuriating to see so many empty seats on TV,” fumed one London dad who tried and failed to get tickets.