Lohan Posts $40,000 Bail

Is it possible Lindsay Lohan is trying to outdo Randy Quaid for strangest court proceedings ever? The troubled actress pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to felony grand theft before posting $40,000 in bail. But stories of the actress’ strange day in court are trickling out: She went to a salon on the eve of her court appearance to get her hair done— for the mug shot?—and in court, she reportedly giggled before facing the judge. She also reportedly sent flowers to the jeweler who accused her of stealing the $2,500 necklace “ to be nice,” and then tweeted a photo of herself talking with Kanye West on Feb. 4 at a dinner party. The judge, however, was not amused by her antics and told her “you need to follow the law just like anyone else… please don’t push your luck.” If convicted, Lohan faces three and half years in prison.