Dressed To Impress

Look What Dennis Rodman Wore to The Vatican

From my visit to St Peter's in middle school, I remember there being strict rules for dress: no uncovered shoulders, short skirts—and, so I thought—a rule banning baseball hats, extravagant piercings, and general frippery.

But here is Dennis Rodman, arriving at the Vatican on Wednesday just blocks away from where the cardinal conclave is now gathering, in a blazer covered with psychedelic flowers, a trucker hat, and wrap-around sunglasses.

He’s there, apparently, because he’s trying to meet the new pope (and "to promote the black papal candidate")—riding high on his Kim Jong-un meeting and vowing to be "anywhere in the world I'm needed." If the meeting actually happens, let's hope (for Rodman's sake) we're getting a fashionable pontiff.