Lou Reed on Winehouse, Iran & More

Rock star Lou Reed, who turned 70 Friday, gave Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper a long and candid interview on everything from Amy Winehouse (“She didn't have a prayer, all that attention”) to Obama (“What happened to our guy?”), Iran, and Syria. “Who knows what’s going on with Iran? Are we going to send the Israelis in there or not? Are we the world’s policemen? Do they have the right to have their own nuclear setup? Who are we to say no?” Reed said. “The fact that they are crazy and fucked up and probably think it’s great to blow the world up: greater minds than mine are supposed to figure this out. But what the fuck is going on in Syria? Why can’t this guy [President Bashar al-Assad] just go? You got an extra million dollars, what do you care? Just take your trophy wife and go.”