Loughner Trial Not Expected in 2012

Jared Lee Loughner, who pled not guilty to charges in the Arizona shooting rampage that occurred a year ago this Sunday, will likely not be tried in 2012. His case was put on hold indefinitely when psychologists diagnosed him with schizophrenia and a federal judge ruled him unfit to stand trial. Loughner has been forcibly medicated at a Missouri prison for five months now, and though psychologists say his condition is improving, his lawyers have been adamantly fighting the government's efforts to treat him with psychotropic drugs. His Feb. 8 release date from the facility could be extended until June, since his doctors have said in court that he needs at least four more months of treatment. Even if he is declared mentally fit, the trial likely won’t occur until 2013, as it would take his lawyers a long time to prepare their defense.