The News From Israel

Love Managing Israeli Expectations

Orly Halpern rounds up the news from Israel.

"You (Israelis) have some sort of expectation that the President will immediately support everything Israel does, but you forget that the U.S. is a very big country that does business and has relations with all the countries of the world, not just Israel."--Reggie Love, former personal assistant to U.S. President Barack Obama, parties in Israel and gives an interview to Yedioth.

  • Settlers riot in Palestinian village - Group of 20 settlers enters Ramallah-adjacent village of Jallud, stone residents, vandalize property. Palestinians say three people hurt. Soldiers were called to scene and dispersed riot. (Ynet)
  • Settlers, officers clash near Esh Kodesh outpost - Settlers continue efforts to prevent Palestinians from plowing disputed field but are removed from site by security forces. (Ynet)
  • PLO official sounds alarm over Likud deportation proposal - Senior PLO official Ahmed Qurei said the Israeli Likud officials' calls for annexation of the West Bank "reflect the point of view of extreme hostility, which does not want peace and ends the possibility for a peaceful solution." (Maan)
  • Construction in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond Green Line peaked in 2012 - According to Ir Amim, 6,932 units were approved for future construction in 2012, compared to 1,772 homes in 2011 and 569 in 2010. (Haaretz)
  • New police policy helps reduce murder rate of (Arab) women in Lod and Ramle to zero - Under the new guidelines, when information is received concerning a threat to a woman, an investigation officer, an intelligence officer and a representative of the Social Affairs Ministry are notified, and protective measures are taken. (Haaretz+)
  • On Facebook, Fatah incites terror against Israel - PA President Mahmoud Abbas' organization is celebrating 48 years since inception with an array of hateful messages broadcast through social media. "The is year will be the year we breach Al-Aksa; what was taken by force will be returned through force." (Israel Hayom)
  • Fatah: Morsi invites Abbas to meet over reconciliation - The meeting next week will focus on reconciliation between Abbas' Fatah party and their Hamas rivals. (Maan)

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