Madoff Auction Nets $2M for Victims

Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff's belongings from his luxurious Upper East Side penthouse and Montauk, New York, beach house went up for auction Saturday, with some of the proceeds going toward a fund for his victims. Hundreds packed the Sheraton Hotel and Towers on Seventh Avenue, while more than 1,000 online bidders also participated in the second auction of Madoff goods, with a total take of more than $2 million. Among the interesting purchases: Ruth Madoff's 10.5-carat diamond engagement ring, which went for a cool $550,000; a lot containing Madoff's slippers for $6,000; and a collection of Bernie's unused boxers and socks for $1,700. “I bought these things because I admire him in a way,” said one bidder, who bought a bar set for $2,200 and a set of boxes, plates, and vases for $625. “It's interesting because he used to own this stuff and now it's going to be mine. When I look at this stuff, it will be a reminder of the good and the bad side of people.”