Madoff's a Prison Hero

Though he probably doesn't have many friends left on the outside, Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi schemer currently serving a 150-year sentence for swindling billions of dollars from his clients, has made quite an impression on his fellow inmates. New York Magazine says the disgraced convict doesn't express much regret for his crimes, reportedly telling a fellow inmate, "F--- my victims. I carried them for 20 years, and now I'm doing 150 years." In the slammer, Madoff is known to entertain the other prisoners with reports of buying $200,000 wristwatches and traveling all over the globe, and even gives out business advice. He even corrected a fellow prisoner when he suggested that Madoff embezzled millions of dollars. "No, billions," he said. The Daily Beast's Mansfield Frazier predicted over a year ago that Bernie would be prison royalty. When he's not sweeping the floor of the North Carolina penitentiary for 14 cents an hour, Madoff likes to read John Grisham and Dean Koontz. But when the disreputable banker offered to take charge of the budget for a prison landscaping crew, he was quickly rebuked. "Hell no," his supervisor said