Madoff's Office for Rent

It will be a brave, brave company that moves into Bernard Madoff's former office. "Some people may see a stigma associated with it," says the manager of the three-floor firm on the 17th floor of the "Lipstick" building in New York City that's recently been put on the market. Even if Madoff's karma is gone, the office is still haunted by little ghosts—built-in cabinet files with Madoff names on them and a minimalist color scheme favored by the disgraced financer. The 18th floor is set to be home to a new broker-dealer firm, but any potential buyers for the 17th floor may be discouraged by FBI agents who will be busy there for another year. For those in the market, the 16,182-square-foot 19th floor is also up for grabs. (Just beware that its dark palette is in need of remodeling).