Boy Toys

Madonna’s New Guy

Madonna’s new 22-year-old model boyfriend is more than just a pretty face—the Brazilian is an intensely spiritual devotee of Kabbalah, the mystical outgrowth of Judaism that Madonna’s been following since the late 1990s. Jesus Luz grew up in a gritty part of Rio de Janeiro until he was offered $100 to join a two-day photo shoot with Madonna for W Magazine in December. He quickly dumped his girlfriend and was whisked off to New York, where he recently shot a Dolce & Gabbana menswear campaign as a Ford model. In addition to Kabbalah, Luz eats macrobiotic cuisine. And are there wedding bells in the future? "People speak about the difference in their ages but this is nonsense,” Luz’s father said. “I was 23 and his mother was 14 when Jesus was born."