Mail-Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Owned $7,000 Worth of Trump-Branded Clothing: Police Report

Mail-bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc Jr. advertised his affinity for President Donald Trump on his white Dodge Ram van—and he also owned $7,000 worth of  Trump-branded clothing. Or so says a 2015 police record in which Sayoc reported that a burglar swiped $45,000 worth of his property from his white Dodge Ram van and a U-Haul trailer while he was working out in a gym in Oakland Park, Fla. An itemized list of the items said Sayoc claimed that 11 pieces of clothing from Trump’s clothing line were taken, along with other apparel and computer equipment. Police said they reviewed security video and did not see anyone enter the area where the van was parked. One of Sayoc’s Facebook pages shows that earlier that month, he was trying to sell brand new Trump suits and other designer clothing at incredibly deep discounts. His police file also includes arrests dating back to 1991, including busts for theft and possession of steroids.