Man Arrested at White House After Attempt to Bring Trump Whisky

A man arrested at the White House early Wednesday morning said he was trying to bring two bottles of Crown Royal to President Donald Trump, NBC 4 reports. Yianny Georgopoulos, who was identified by his Canadian passport, allegedly gained access to a restricted area near Pennsylvania Avenue and East Executive Avenue by moving a clearly marked security barrier, court documents show. According to NBC 4, Georgopoulos told a U.S. Secret Service officer he intended to personally deliver the Canadian whisky to Trump. He was arrested and charged with unlawful entry before being processed by D.C. police. Georgopoulos also told officials he hoped the president would help him find a wife. He said he had seen the “no trespassing” signs in the area and ignored them, according to NBC 4. Georgopoulos was reportedly arrested recently for threatening family members and for stalking a cousin, court documents show.