Man Arrested for Throwing Water at Rep. Steve King

A 26-year-old Colorado man has been arrested after allegedly approaching Rep. Steve King (R-IA) in an Iowa restaurant on Friday and throwing water at him, according to police. The Fort Dodge Police Department identified the water-thrower as Blake Gibbins in a statement on Facebook. While King was dining at the the Mineral City Mill and Grill, Gibbins “approached Mr. King, inquired as to his identity, and ultimately threw a glass of water on Mr. King,” police said. “Others having lunch with Mr. King were also struck.” Police said they believe King was “specifically targeted due to his position as a United States Representative.” Gibbins now faces charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. King has come under fire in recent months for questioning why the term “white supremacist” was offensive in an interview with The New York Times and, more recently, appearing to belittle survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans by suggesting they were less self-reliant than residents in Iowa.