Man Deported Despite U.S. Citizenship

A U.S. man claims he was deported to Mexico despite showing border agents proof of his American citizenship while trying to re-enter the country earlier this month, NBC4 reported Monday. Carlos Montoya said he was born in Los Angeles in 1977, but when he presented his birth certificate, Social Security card and California ID card, border agents allegedly seized his proof of identity. Montoya told NBC4 he had spent the last year in Mexico to receive treatment for epilepsy, but never had any problems when he traveled back and forth every six months before then. Montoya's attorney, Luis Carrillo, said a photo of a different man pops up on the screen when his client scans his fingerprints at the border. Montoya claims he was coerced to create a fake name and sign paperwork deporting him to Mexico. Carrillo is asking the U.S. Inspector General to investigate the case.