Man Who Kissed Royal Ski Bum Pippa Speaks!

Exclusive! Read all about it! (Well, what can I say, I did used to work in Fleet Street.)

Erik Smedhs, the man who kissed Pippa Middleton at the end of her cross-country ski race has spoken exclusively to The Royalist about the moment when he fulfilled (a small part of) the fantasies of millions of men who were hypnotized by Miss Middleton’s derrière at last year’s royal wedding.‘It was totally spontaneous, really innocent, just a cheek kiss.’How was it? "For having been skiing for 56 miles she was surprisingly fresh," he said, in an interview conducted on Facebook and Twitter. "I just thought it would be funny with all the commotion around her."The part-time truck driver and student said, "I told her that we have a tradition here in Mora when you reach the goal and then I kissed her. It actually is a tradition, but just for the winner of the race."

So he changed the tradition a bit? "Yeah, that’s right."How did she take it? "Hard to say. She was really tired after skiing so long. I think she also just thought it was funny."

Was having Pippa compete good for the event? "Yes, we expect many Englishmen to next year’s race," said Erik. I should think so too.