On the Ground

Many Libyans Still Support Gaddafi

Six days into an international bombardment of Libyan military targets, one thing is becoming clear on the ground: There are still some loyal holdouts for Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Even one rebel leader admitted that “75 percent of the people are against him, but there are some people who really do love him.” While many insist the support is not real and only comes from fear, Majdi Daba, a dentist from Tripoli, said Gaddafi “made me feel like a free man.” And there are some that argue the support from Gaddafi comes from the sheer magnitude of which he controls the country: Sayings from the leader’s Green Book are taught in all schools and are posted in government buildings. Gaddafi doesn't even have an official title; he is considered the “brotherly leader.” His supporters, draped in green, have held demonstrations in Tripoli in favor of their embattled leader and have chanted, “God, Muammar, Libya: Enough!"