Marc Jacobs Spring 2013: Walking The Line

Marc Jacobs' Spring collection, which showed in New York Monday night, featured stripes, stripes, and more stripes.

Getty Images

In the crowd after Marc Jacobs' show on Monday night, one fashion editor turned to another and said: "Wow. So many changes." And it was true.

If last season was about the over-sized coats and eccentric layering, Marc Jacobs' Spring collection was about the thin straight line. There were low-slung skirts, exposed midriffs and jutting hips, column dresses, and every kind of stripe you could imagine.

There were vertical stripes and horizontal stripes; thin stripes and thick stripes. There were black stripes, red, tan, and navy. It was enough to feel, as one model came down the runway after another, a state of hypnosis coming on.

The show opened with a model in a striped t-shirt over a pair of black hotpants. Then came light sundresses with scalloped edges, a sea of skirt suits with shrunken blazers, and finally striped and beaded eveningwear.

The accessories were particularly stand-out, with shrunken striped purses, and striped kitten heels, each coordinated perfectly with each other -- so the bag matched the dress, which matched the shoes.

As Jacobs told his friend John Currin in an interview earlier this month, Jacobs hinted that he was taking his collection a sexier way for Spring. "After last season, when everything was wrapped and layered, I'm thinking, how am I going to make this sexier?"

Well, he answered it on Monday night: "There's nothing sexier than a girl covered up," he told Cathy Horyn. And she agreed: "For the first time in a while," she noted, "A designer has successfully pushed the sex button in a compelling way."